Unilever and agile working

This was a commission last month for Unilever's 'Agile Working' programme, which is all about encouraging people to work from home - something that as a self-employed photographer I'm a big advocate of, although I do miss the regular 30-40 minute bike commute that I had when I did have a desk job a decade or so ago.

The commission was primarily to do a portrait of the programme leader Fiona Laird. Unilever was delighted with the photos, and I got a lovely email from hew team: 'The portrait photos you took of Fiona are quite stunning. She has a very critical eye, and is she is just delighted with how the images turned out. Plus, you made entire process easy and enjoyable. Well done and thank you!'

I was also asked to produce pictures of Fiona and her team working from home, a selection of which are below.